VIEW the discussion with Kyle Drew and Gary Noonan about the Endowmwnt Fund and the BIG CAMPAIGN to boost the Endowment Fund for the celebration of our church's 175th anniversary. 


The purpose of the Fund is to manage and invest bequest gifts received by the church and distribute the investment earnings in compliance with the donor’s intent assuring that they are used to fulfill the purposes of the church in its Christian ministry and mission. Since only the investment income is distributed (unless otherwise directed by the donor), the donor has the assurance that their gift will be a lasting contribution to the church. Your gift works forever!


Those who give to the Fund are doing so to give thanks to God for blessings bestowed, to express their devotion to Christ and His church, and to honor loved ones whose lives have served as an inspiration or make a difference in a mission, specials needs area, outreach or something that touches their heart for as long as Carmel UMC exists.