Traditional Worship


Corporate worship is central to the life of Carmel United Methodist Church. Worship provides the vital heartbeat that inspires and sustains all that we do. Worship is both a celebration of and an occasion for God's work in our midst. Through worship we receive God's Word for us. Through worship we are given discernment and empowerment by the Holy Spirit for our journey toward full devotion to Jesus Christ. Worship inspires us, unifies us, and strengthens our community as members of the Body of Christ. It is the event and experience from which all of our other activities occur. Our discipleship, outreach, fellowship and ministries all are rooted in the times we gather to worship God. 

Worship at CUMC is relevant, warm, balanced and focused on God. We come together each week to praise God, to pray, to proclaim God's word, and to make our promises to be God's people during the week. We offer traditional, non-traditional and youth worship experiences each week.

Children are encouraged to worship as members of the people of God. We believe faith is "caught" not "taught" and therefore children come to know what faith is by being part of a community that worships together.

Service times