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Jr. High Fall Retreat

Register now for the Jr. High Fall Retreat! This is a great experience to kick-off the fall season, and allow you an opportunity to connect with other students!

What is Confirmation?

Confirmation is the formal process for 6th grade students at CUMC (or students who have not gone through the process regardless of age) to become members of our church. And even though the Confirmation Class is more like a "traditional" class in that it actually has requirements for completion/graduation, it still more exciting and fulfilling than school AND it is a wonderful faith-journey that your kids will (hopefully) take with them for years to come! 

The class has a Bible study format: 1) Read God's Word, 2) Interpret God's Word individually, and then 3) Discuss God's Word as a group. In Confirmation, we go beyond studying God's Word to acting out our faith through retreats, mission projects, and ministry work. Throughout this year, your students will see the process of Jesus Christ at work in their lives as they live out their faith. All the kids will know what it means to be a Christian and to be a member of Christ's Church by May...they will know what they are promising when they take their Confirmation vows at graduation.

Confirmation follows the school year, beginning in late August each year and finishing in May. Confirmation Sunday is generally in late May or early June.

Who should go through Confirmation?

Any 6th grade student (or other student who has not gone through confirmation at CUMC) who wishes to become a member of our congregation.

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